City of Loveland, Colorado

Loveland, Colorado finds a nickel-zinc solution to its challenges of increased congestion, wily weather extremes and safety concerns about lead-acid batteries.

“Our goal is to have all our signals and other ITS devices, such as variable message signs and remote weather information systems, backed up using the nickel-zinc, UPStealth.”

— Bill Hange. P.E., PTOE – City of Loveland, Colorado City Traffic Engineer

Utah Department of Transportation

UPStealth® is a critical component to the Utah Department of Transportation's goals for connected traffic signals that stay operating even when the power fails - increasing mobility, safety, and quality of life.

“Innovation, creativity, risk and increased transparency are necessary to meet a growing society’s transportation needs. A part of any traffic signal management plan should be consideration of where to deploy an Uninterruptible Power Supply, so mobility is optimized and conditions are safe.”

— Mark Taylor. Lead Signal Operations and Maintenance Engineer, Utah Department of Transportation


City of Sacramento, California

City of Sacramento installed the UPStealth® Battery Backup System as a solution to backing up critical rail and traffic intersections.

“The UPStealth saves us money. We don’t have to go out and condition the UPStealth as we did with the lead-acid batteries. We no longer have the huge costs for on-call, after hours and during work hours maintenance. It’s a huge amount of money for our staff to keep going out there. Now with the UPStealth, we’re saving thousands of dollars a year.”

— Norm Colby. City Operations General Supervisor City of Sacramento


Oregon Department of Transportation

Oregon Department of Transportation installed three UPStealth® Battery Backup System units at three intersections built as apart of the I-84 @ U.S. 97 Interchange project.

“This looks like a win-win all the way around. The UPStealth is quick and easy, actually fitting inside the existing traffic signal controller cabinet. With less stuff on the streets there is less maintenance and less chance it will get hit. There could be less cost and a longer battery life, and that appeals to our retrofit projects.”

— Scott Cramer. Traffic Signal Engineer ODOT Region 4


City of Knoxville, Tennessee

With a "Living Green, Working Green" initiative, the City of Knoxville, Tennessee installed the UPStealth® Battery Backup System.

“During a big thunderstorm, I was driving in an area where we have a UPStealth Battery Backup System and the other signals around did not. The only signal working was the signal with the UPStealth. Not only a wow moment, but also a reminder of the reason for our city-wide program.”

— Ernie Pierce. Traffic Engineer, City of Knoxville Transportation Department