ZincFive Data Center Configuration


ZincFive’s high performance nickel-zinc battery-based uninterruptible power supply system (UPS) eliminates the need for centralized lead-acid battery rooms. The underlying technology, utilized in the UPStealth® Uninterruptible Power Supply for the transportation industry, is ideal for data centers by delivering a UPS product that provides high levels of reliable backup power while efficiently optimizing energy storage space. Data centers can now increase their revenue generating space by approximately 21% without constructing new facilities, ensuring a “fail small” system that further minimizes revenue loss due to downtime.

ZincFive's UPS Use Model
• No battery rooms needed
• No lead-acid
• Lightweight and compact nickel-zinc batteries
• Reduced maintenance
• High discharge capability
• Minimal heat generation during use
• No trickle charging
• No cooling requirements
• Zero explosive or outgassing characteristics
• Recyclable and environmentally friendly


Traditional Data Center Configuration

In a traditional data center design, companies deploy banks of lead-acid uninterruptible power supply systems in large battery rooms. A data center uninterruptible power supply system is the intermediary interface between power mains and data center equipment. The systems provide continuous electrical power, which facilitates the functioning of an enterprise network.

Lead-Acid UPS Use Model
• Large battery rooms need to house lead-acid systems
• Unexpected shortened battery lifespan
• Chemical corrosiveness and outgassing• Large size and weight
• Extensive maintenance program required
• High replacement costs
• Limited operating temperatures
• Requires considerable air-handling equipment to protect the data center from a buildup of harmful vapors