Where In The World

UPStealth ® Battery Backup Systems have been installed by City Agencies and Departments of Transportation throughout U.S. and Canada. The below installations are a few from our home state of Oregon. 


Biggs Junction, Oregon


Three new intersections at the remote but busy Biggs Junction, Oregon are each installed with UPStealth Battery Backup Systems. Biggs Junctions is a major interchange of three highways, Interstate 84, U.S 30 and U.S 97 where it crosses the Sam Hill Memorial Bridge from Washington state. Before the road improvements, Biggs Junctions was a particularly dangerous interchange and prone to long traffic backups.


Hillsboro, Oregon

Oregon Department of Transportation is working to implement battery backup at intersections near rail crossings. UPStealth® is helping motorists, pedestrians and cyclists stay safe while crossing NE Cherry Dr., a busy Hillsboro, Oregon intersection one block from MAX Light Rail.


West Linn, Oregon

What used to be a four way stop intersection, The City of West Linn turned into a signalized intersection. The UPStealth® was installed to keep the surrounding community and near by elementary school safe.