For seven years, ZincFive co-founder Tim Hysell has expertly guided the creation and deployment of the world’s first nickel-zinc rechargeable battery technology. He founded and chaired PSI Acquisitions and Millennium Power Solutions--where the UPStealth® was invented--and ZincFive, which establishes nickel-zinc as only the fifth rechargeable battery to scale across the world.

Mr. Hysell has over three decades of entrepreneurial success in founding, owning and directing profitable business operations in renewable energy, banking, manufacturing and medical devices. His companies partnered with global giants such as Siemens, Phillips and Hewlett-Packard. He excels at corporate transaction negotiations, fundraising, merger and acquisitions, IPO preparation, market share growth and board leadership. Prior to owning his own businesses, Mr. Hysell worked for General Electric, Hewlett-Packard and Providence Health Systems. 

Mr. Hysell is co-founder and board member of Pacific West Bank in Oregon and a former youth football, basketball and baseball coach.

ZincFive’s Chief Financial Officer, Jim Cruckshank, has more than 35 years’ experience in finance and accounting, raising more than $2 billion in debt and equity financing throughout his career. He has guided the financial success of both start-ups and well-established companies. 

As Greenbrier Companies’ Chief Accounting Officer, and during a period of rapid company growth, Mr. Cruckshank helped raise over $400 million. During his 15 years at Schnitzer Steel, Mr. Cruckshank served as Corporate Controller and Assistant Treasurer. He helped the Company grow by 30 locations, built an accounting team adept at public company financial reporting, raised financing that exceeded more than one billion dollars and eventually, took Schnitzer Steel public.

Mr. Cruckshank earned a BBA in Accounting, Marketing and Management from the University of Portland and an MBA in Finance from Notre Dame. He has served as board chair for Open Meadow, an alternative school and Board Chair for the Cascade AIDS Project. A poet, Mr. Cruckshank enjoys reading T.S. Eliot, Carl Sandburg, Walt Whitman and the classics.


Tod Higinbotham is President of ZincFive’s Systems Division. For more than 25 years he has led technology companies, with a primary focus on advanced materials in the semiconductor, display, and solar markets.

Mr. Higinbotham served as Executive VP of Microelectronics for ATMI Inc., from 2007-2013. He led the rapid growth of the business, which was sold for over $1 billion. Before that, as GM for the Materials Division, he restructured and refocused the company on core competencies and collaborated directly with customers to develop innovative solutions. Prior to joining ATMI, he was Director of Sales and Marketing for the Electronic Materials Division of Komatsu, Ltd.

Mr. Higinbotham earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Portland State University and an MBA from the University of Washington. He is a regular speaker in the U.S. and Asia on leadership, materials technology trends, and breaking down the cultural barriers in global business.

Larry Eggleston oversees business operations for ZincFive’s Solutions Division. Mr. Eggleston has 30 years of experience delivering advanced technology for mission critical systems in data collection, control and communications, to a variety of industries.

During his 28 years at Itron, Mr. Eggleston served as VP/General Manager of Electric Business Unit, VP Business Strategy and Managing Director of a $400 million global product line. His drive for continual growth and providing customer value helped bring Itron from a $6 million enterprise to a $2.4 billion global force. At Alstom Grid, Mr. Eggleston was Commercial Director of the Energy Management Solutions operations where he led the sales network for software solutions and related professional services. Mr. Eggleston’s focus for ZincFive is continuous improvement of product quality, revenue growth and expanding the distribution partnerships and vertical markets.

Mr. Eggleston is a member of the Association for Computer Operations Management (AFCOM), a former school board chairman and a water sport and fitness aficionado.

Former Apple PowerBook Technology Manager and founder of PowerGenix, Dr. Jeff Phillips brings more than 25 years of expertise in the battery, energy and electronics industries, research and development, manufacturing and technology management to ZincFive, Inc. As VP of Operations/Technology – Systems Division, Dr. Phillips manages the China based Technology Center focusing on the Nickel-Zinc battery product development. 

At Apple Computer, Dr. Phillips was responsible for the purchase and implementation of $350 million PowerBook components. He also served as the Program Manager and Director of Technology for Altus Corporation, where he served on the executive team and directed  R & D on rechargeable & primary lithium batteries. In 2000 he founded PowerGenix, his Nickel-Zinc battery manufacturing company, which was acquired by ZincFive.

Dr. Phillips holds 65 patents, with 40 more pending. He has a PhD in Electrochemistry from University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and has authored more than 20 technical publications.


Along with co-founding ZincFive, Dan Sisson owns the historic distinction of advancing Thomas Edison’s dream battery chemistry—nickel-zinc—by inventing the game changing, environmentally safe UPStealth® Battery Backup System.

Mr. Sisson immerses himself in product architecture, new innovations, conceptual product designs, innovation installation and technical support. He is also a popular, national speaker on battery history, technology and high intelligence inverter and power systems.

With 34 years of experience in manufacturing, new product invention and development, mechanical systems, electrical and electronic design, primary power and manufacturing processes, Mr. Sisson’s work has benefited companies such as GE, Intel, Sun Microsystems, as well as city and state transportation agencies across North America. He is a journeyman machinist, manufacturing engineer and a former manufacturing technology college instructor.

Playing guitar and piano are among Mr. Sisson’s other creative outlets. As a Thomas Edison aficionado, he finds inspiration in reading the great inventor’s patents and likes to think Mr. Edison would enjoy being part of the ZincFive team.

TeamPhoto-raymond (1).jpg

Some of the world’s leading industries have prospered from Raymond Sohn’s professional understanding and expert execution of all phases of manufacturing operations. Now, Mr. Sohn is applying his 20 years of experience to bring nickel-zinc battery solutions to global scale. He manages ZincFive’s innovative manufacturing solutions; product lifecycle, engineering and program management; factory and applications engineering; global supply chain; strategic outsourcing; service & support; system integration; and quality assurance.

Recipient of many Center of Excellence Awards, Mr. Sohn has successfully executed multimillion dollar, large scale precision automation systems and process equipment for Samsung, Corning Display, Boston Scientific and Abbot Vascular. He also worked at Quadrant (Poly-Hi Solidur), ATS Group (Automation Tooling Systems Group), nLIGHT (high power laser industry) and Lam Research.

Mr. Sohn holds patents for chemical etch bench apparatus and fiber monitoring apparatus inventions. Music and enjoying the Pacific Northwest outdoors are among Mr. Sohn’s favorite pastimes, including cycling, fishing, hiking and playing the drums.

Mark Steeves has a 25 year history of operational expertise, product development success, executive leadership and building significant corporate value. His innovations resulted in efficiencies and multi-million dollar increases in profit across diverse market segments including electrical engineering, renewable energy, international banking, aerospace, healthcare and broadcasting. Mr. Steeves co-invented an electronic communication system that increased company efficiency by 200 percent; created a digital cartoon paint system at MetroLight Studios, that revolutionized the animation industry and sold for a $10 million profit. MetroLight Studios won an Oscar® for special effects in the film Total Recall. Mr. Steeves was nominated for an Emmy® for Outstanding Producer.

Mr. Steeves specializes in the management of complex environments and associated technical strategy. As CIO of WiserCare, he managed the automation of conjoint analysis, reducing product development costs by one-third. He served as General Manager of Maduro & Curiel’s Bank ($3.8 billion), affiliated with the Bank of Nova Scotia, and integrated a prepaid cell phone recharge system resulting in a multi-million-dollar annual net profit increase.

Mr. Steeves graduated from the University of Oregon with a Computer Science degree, emphasizing computer graphics. He enjoys filmmaking, photography and inventing—including a voice recognition toy bear named after his son, Nico.


Pete Johnson brings more than 25 years of award winning leadership in global sales, distribution and marketing experience to ZincFive. His blend of hard science and global business experience are uniquely suited for expanding ZincFive’s disruptive battery solutions.

Mr. Johnson has more than 20 years of experience as a wireless communications executive, helping build the mobile phone industry from its start, at Seattle-based McCaw Cellular, to global carrier, AT&T Mobility. Mr. Johnson led over 1,600 western region employees at AT&T Mobility Retail, expanding its store footprint from 250 to more than 2,000 stores. In addition, he worked internationally opening new markets. Mr. Johnson also helped lead the highly successful Pacific Northwest launch of Cricket Wireless, which is now owned and operated by AT&T Mobility.

He is a proud University of Oregon Duck, graduating with Honors in Biology. Community involvement has included, Make a Wish Foundation, The Salvation Army, University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications and the University of Oregon Duck Athletic Fund.

Carolyn Polzel serves as Director of Human Resources and Recruiting at ZincFive. Ms. Polzel brings a rare pedigree of HR, Marketing and Computer Science expertise to ZincFive. Her 17 years in HR help guide the Company's overall performance: attracting world class talent through granular technical screening, developing organizational strategy, promoting operational effectiveness, emphasizing inclusion and collaboration and elevating team performance through innovative leadership.

Ms. Polzel’s degree in Marketing and Computer Science gives her a broad technical understanding of electrical circuit design architecture and the complexity of layers in software development. With that knowledge, she has implemented technical screening practices to a level unprecedented in the HR community, resulting in the recruiting of top-tier talent at IBM, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and now, ZincFive.

Ms. Polzel is a Howard Payne University graduate and member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). She supports the Multiple Sclerosis and Juvenile Diabetes Associations.