UPStealth® 170 Inverter/Controller is a 2U - 19'' EIA rack mountable, intelligent digital battery management system that filters and monitors incoming utility sine waves to ensure that clean power circulates throughout the cabinet. When a power failure occurs, battery backup is activated within 8ms. The UPStealth NEMA Inverter/Controller has four battery ports compatible with either the UPStealth® Living-Hinge Battery Panel and UPStealth® NEMA UPStealth® Battery Panels. From a desktop application, UPStealth® Real-Time Intelligence Connect (RTi Connect™) will link your computer running Windows or OS X, to view, monitor and manage UPStealth® performance parameters.


Intelligent Two Stage Power Conditioning Procedure

Stage 1

The UPStealth® Inverter/Controller continuously monitors the power line and decides if the power available to the traffic cabinet is adequate for safe operations of the traffic cabinet. If the utility power is within the user defined parameter range, the incoming power is routed through a transient suppression and filter module to clean up the incoming power.  When power is outside of normal operating parameters, a power failure is detected, and the UPStealth® Inverter/Controller will switch over to battery backup power. The switch to battery backup takes 6 milliseconds and can be programmed by the user up to 200 milliseconds. 

Stage 2

The UPStealth® Inverter/Controller is a digital sine wave monitoring system that models the incoming sine wave in real time and detects sine wave abnormalities. User-settable thresholds allow the end-user to customize the sensitivity of the UPStealth® Inverter/Controller to assure downstream equipment is completely protected from even the smallest power deviation. When the digital sine wave monitoring system detects an abnormality, the Inverter/Controller switches the intersection  to battery backup and the triggering sine wave is stored in the Event Log, along with a date/time stamp.