UPStealth® Living-Hinge Battery Panel utilizes nickel-zinc chemistry, which is a light-weight-high-powered, energy efficient and rechargeable technology. UPStealth® Living-Hinge Battery Panel can be installation between the cabinet shell and rack of a primary 170/2070 33X series traffic cabinet. The one inch Battery Panel and flex design allows for a slide in installation that requires no screws or additional mounting equipment. UPStealth® Living-Hinge Battery Panel is currently available in a 300 Watt and 500 Watt Battery Panel, with the ability to connect multiple Battery Panels to the UPStealth® Inverter/Controller to fulfill required run times.



Facets Of UPStealth®

Maintenance Free: Monitor/charger boards constantly check status of battery cells to maintain battery operation

No Trickle Charging: Internal battery chargers shut off when battery is fully charged

Lower Cost of Ownership: No maintenance, long life

Living-Hinge: A flex bearing plastic that allows the Battery Panels to bend and fit inside of primary traffic cabinets wall and rack

Hot Swappable: Batteries Panels can be added or taken away in minutes, without powering off the system

Wall Charging: UPStealth® can be charged from a wall outlet without a Inverter/Controller 

GUI: Real-Time Intelligence Connect (RTi Connect™) desktop application provides remote or direct connection to a single UPStealth®

Intelligent Two-Stage Inverter/Controller: Stand-by with distributed intelligence

Extended Warranty: Battery refresh program

Advanced Relay Outputs: User settable functions

Installation: Less than 1 hour


Facets Of Nickel-Zinc

High Efficiency: NiZn is 98% efficient, generating little to no heat

Wide Temperature Range: (-35°F/-37°C) to (165°F/74°C)

Weight: Approx. 70% lighter in weight in comparison to lead-acid

Size: Approx. twice the energy in half the space and size compared to lead-acid

Recharge Time: Four hours to fully recharge

No Corrosion: NiZn has no liquid characteristics

Outgassing: No hazardous gas leakage due to overcharging or misuse of batteries

No Flammable Characteristics: NiZn is made of non-combustible elements

RoHS Compliant: NiZn is certified as free from hazardous material 

Recyclable: NiZn is 100% recyclable and has no disposal requirements