UPStealth® NEMA Battery Panel is designed to be mounted on top or installed underneath a typical NEMA cabinet self. In addition, the UPStealth® NEMA Battery Panel is 19" EIA rack mountable. Utilizing nickel-zinc chemistry, UPStealth® NEMA Battery Panel is a light-weight-high-powered, energy efficient and rechargeable technology. The UPStealth® NEMA Battery Panel comes in a 500 Watt design with the ability to connect as many as 16 additional panels to the UPStealth Inverter/Controller to fulfill required run times.


UPStealth Features


Less than 1 hour

Extended Warranty

ZincFive takes care of its customers

Lower Cost of Ownership

No maintenance, long life

Maintenance Free

Monitor/charger boards constantly check status of battery cells to maintain battery operation

No Trickle Charging

Internal battery chargers shut off when battery is fully charged

Wall Charging

The UPStealth® can be charged from a wall outlet without an Inverter/Controller

Hot Swappable

Battery Panels can be added or removed in minutes, without powering off the system

Graphic User Interface

Real-Time Intelligence Connect (RTi Connect™) desktop application provides remote or direct connection to a single UPStealth®

Intelligent Two-Stage Inverter/Controller

Standby power with distributed intelligence

Advanced Relay Outputs

User configurable relays to control a variety of functions

Highly Efficient

NiZn is approx. 95% efficient, generating little to no heat


Nickel-Zinc Features

Wide Operating Temperature Range

-35°F to 165°F (-37°C to 74°C)


Approximately 70% lighter than to lead-acid


Approximately twice the energy in half the space compared to lead-acid

No Corrosion

NiZn has no liquid characteristics


NiZn is made of non-combustible elements


No hazardous gas leakage due to overcharging or misuse of batteries

Recharge Time

Four hours to fully recharge


NiZn is highly recyclable