#1 - Nickel-Zinc is a Very Safe Chemistry

Nickel-zinc batteries are a proven safe chemistry that is abuse-tolerant. Nickel-zinc will not catch fire or emit hazardous materials if damaged. Nickel-zinc is certified as RoHS compliant, which indicates that it is clear of hazardous substances and is safe to handle. Nickel-zinc also has no transportation restrictions.

#2 - Maintenance Free with a Long Operational Life

Nickel-zinc batteries have a significantly longer shelf life than lead-acid batteries which will sulfate over time, reducing longevity. Nickel-zinc batteries do not need to be trickle charged, making them ideal for UPS applications. 

#3 - High Energy Density in Unique Form Factors  

The high energy density of nickel-zinc batteries enables them to be deployed in smaller and lighter packages than other rechargeable batteries. Most notably, nickel-zinc is available in a bendable battery panel that fits between the rack and cabinet shell of a primary 170/2070 33X series traffic cabinet.  Configuring your traffic cabinet in this manner saves money, space, and man-hours. Click here for more information about this unique bendable battery.

#4 - Temperature Tolerant with a Wide Operational Range

Nickel-zinc batteries operate effectively at high power over a wide temperature range, often translating into significant savings in total cost of ownership.

#5 - Made of Non-toxic Materials that are Highly Recyclable

Both nickel and zinc are highly recyclable. The battery contains no lead, cadmium or mercury, making it more environmentally friendly than lead-acid and lithium systems.

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