Charging Instructions for Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) Batteries


ZincFive NiZn batteries are charged using a Constant Current (CC) and Constant Voltage (CV) method. The rated battery capacity in Amp Hours (Ah) is based on a C/4 charge and discharge rate.

Ambient (25°C) charge:

Step 1

Charge the NiZn battery at a minimum Constant Current rate of C/4 Amps until the battery voltage reaches 1.9 volts per cell. Do not exceed 1.9 volts per cell.

Step 2

Continue to charge until the charge current declines to C/40 amps.  The NiZn battery charge is now complete. Disconnect the charger.

Please Note:

  • Do not trickle or float charge NiZn batteries

  • Battery self-discharge is approximately 3% per month dependent on temperature and battery state of charge

  • Recharge the NiZn battery when open circuit voltage declines to 1.77 volts per cell.

For higher or lower temperature charge profiles or information about fast high voltage charging, please contact ZincFive customer support at 888-517-7776 or

Discharge instruction for NiZn batteries:

ZincFive NiZn batteries are rated for a C/4 to 10C discharge rates.
Discharge battery cut-off voltage is 1.25 volts per cell.

Charging reference values for ZincFive NiZn battery products:


For more information about NiZn solutions for discharge rates less than C/4 or faster charger rates, please contact ZincFive customer support at 888-517-7776 or