Engine Anti-Idling

Many commercial vehicles call for a battery system robust enough to support a range of functions when the engine is turned off. In addition to simple engine Stop-Start technology, a 48V NiZn battery system can enable functions like electrically powered on-board vehicle refrigerant units, air conditioning systems, air blowers, vacuum pumps, audio amplifiers, exterior lights, etc. to continue operating while the engine is off. Higher voltage offered by the 48V systems allows application load currents to safely remain under an acceptable level, thereby limiting any potential safety concerns.


Heavy-Duty Engine Anti-Idling

NiZn 48V battery systems function as auxiliary power units on long-haul delivery trucks and semi-trailers. These enable the driver to power on-board appliances such as personal ovens, refrigerators, lights and televisions for several hours, without the need to keep the truck engine running at idle. This significantly reduces fuel consumption costs, engine maintenance costs, and harmful CO2 emissions. This results in considerably shorter payback periods, especially for heavy-duty sleeper trucks towing refrigerated trailers. The battery systems are quickly and easily recharged the following day via the truck alternator. 


12V Stop-Start

12V stop-start systems in commercial vehicles, such as school buses or postal delivery trucks, can reduce engine idling time to save fuel, reduce toxic gas emissions, and increase the safety and air quality of our cities. In commercial Stop-Start systems, most auxiliary vehicle loads such as music or infotainment systems, courier communication radios, etc. can continue to operate even while the engine is turned off. 

NiZn offers several advantages over alternative energy storage technologies. It is a simple, single-source “drop-in” energy storage system that is perfectly suited to meet both the technical and cost challenges of extended 12V stop-start systems in medium-duty commercial vehicles.