An Announcement From EnSite Power CEO, Tim Hysell

To our valued customers, business partners and shareholders:

We have a lot of exciting changes underway at EnSite Power, first and most notably, a change in our name. I’m proud to announce that as of September 30, 2016 we will begin operating as ZincFive, Inc.

Why the change and why now? Simply put, there’s a battery industry revolution underway. The global acceptance of our patented Nickel-Zinc battery chemistry and UPStealth® technology are forcing an epoch shift in how mission-critical industries stay operating. We wanted our name to more directly connect with our founding story.

Zinc, based on the Zinc electrode, is our Company’s cornerstone technology. Five refers to the fact Nickel-Zinc is poised to become only the fifth rechargeable battery chemistry in history to be manufactured to global, commercial scale.

Nickel-Zinc is meeting a growing need between lead-acid and lithium-ion capabilities. At last, mission critical industries such as Intelligent Transportation, Data Center, Telecommunications, and Automotive have another choice—the world’s first Nickel-Zinc high power density, non-toxic, light weight and compact intelligent battery solution.

More exciting changes are ahead and we can’t wait to share them. On behalf of our entire ZincFive team, thank you for your continued support and trust!


Tim Hysell


ZincFive, Inc.