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Battery Technology with No Tradeoffs

We are in a pivotal moment in time. Energy consumption is rising while the demand for decarbonization is higher than ever before. Battery technology is vital to providing power to a wide range of mission-critical applications, such as transportation, data, electric vehicle (EV) charging, and utilities.

However, many battery chemistries require tradeoffs in safety, sustainability, or reliability. At ZincFive, we are defining a new standard for technology of the future by developing the first battery chemistry with no tradeoffs.


Powerful Nickel-Zinc Technology for Emerging Markets

At ZincFive, we are more than just a battery company. Our groundbreaking nickel-zinc technology is our foundation, but our scalable battery-powered solutions allow us to integrate nickel-zinc technology into a variety of new and emerging applications.

The electrification of transportation and shift to renewable energy sources is requiring more from battery backup solutions. That’s why we partner with industry leaders to offer turnkey, scalable, and flexible solutions that address rapidly growing power demands with safe, sustainable technology.

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    Fully integrated nickel-zinc solutions designed specifically for new applications.

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    Nickel-zinc solutions designed to meet rapidly growing demands of emerging markets.

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    Agile power solutions built to respond to evolving market needs.

Future Applications Powered by ZincFive

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    EV Charging

    As electric vehicles are adopted, nickel-zinc high-power battery technology can support local charging grids.

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    Nickel-zinc battery backup can help stabilize the grid and provide immediate power to utility-scale operations..

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    Industrial Starter

    ZincFive industrial starter solutions enable industrial operations a safe, cost-effective starter power solution.

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    And More

    ZincFive nickel-zinc chemistry is a strong platform for scalable, optimized solutions to meet emerging power needs in new markets.

Let’s Talk Nickel-Zinc

Contact our team today to discuss how nickel-zinc technology can provide a safe, reliable, and sustainable foundation for scalable battery-powered solutions in your business.