2017 IMSA Forum & Expo Highlights

July 8- July 11, 2017

2017 IMSA Forum & Expo (Scottsdale, Arizona)


Technical Sessions

Title: How 100 Years Later, Thomas Edison’s Dream Battery is Keeping ITS Intelligent and Green
Speaker: Dan Sisson, VP Research & Innovation/Co-founder
Time/Date: 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM, July 8, 2017
Location: Herberger 4A

If only the great Thomas Edison could see his dream battery at work in intelligent transportation today. In 1901, Edison received his first and only patent for a rechargeable nickel-zinc battery system. He liked nickel-zinc electrochemistry for its high-energy density, high efficiency rating and temperature tolerance. It took more than 100 years and some Thomas Edison aficionados to crack the nickel-zinc code and bring the chemistry and technology to the 21st century. One of those Edison disciples, Dan Sisson, is a battery historian and the inventor of the nickel-zinc battery technology. He will share a fascinating look back to the future.



Title: Practical Ways to Manage the Electrical Grid Beast So The “Next Generation of Mobility” Actually Works
Speaker: Dan Sisson, VP Research & Innovation/Co-founder
Time/Date: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM, July 9, 2017
Location: Herberger 5B

This presentation will leave attendees with an understanding of our industry’s aging electrical grid. All of our plans for ITS infrastructure automated/connected vehicles, fire alarm/mass notification systems, traffic operations, emergency operation centers and communications systems are worthless, even dangerous, unless they stay connected. This session will discuss the aging, stressed-out electrical grid system that’s delivering electro-pollution or dirty power and how spikes, noise, surges, blackouts and brownouts will only increase as we continue to place more ITS equipment in our transportation systems. This presentation will discuss practical solutions to these problems.


Title: Stop Dreaming: “Futuristic” Green Technologies Available Now to Meet Your ITS Goals
Speaker: Pete Johnson, VP Sales - Traffic Solutions
Time/Date: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM, July 10, 2017
Location: Herberger 5B

As ITS infrastructure is planned out and deployed, consideration must be given to purchases that protect the environment right now, not later. Governments are increasingly investigating and regulating chemistries and technologies that are quietly polluting the environment and endangering lives. Learn what green technologies are offering transportation planners in 2017.


Title: Why the Least Sexy Technology Ever Invented is Critical to Your Intelligent Transportation System Plans
Speaker: Dan Sisson, VP Research & Innovation/Co-founder
Time/Date: 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM, July 11, 2017
Location: Herberger 3

The lowly battery is making a comeback. Our world is becoming increasingly electrified and connected, critical for the Internet of Things to actually be anything at all. As our power grid grows increasingly stressed and unpredictable, batteries, specifically backup batteries systems or uninterruptible power supplies, are now a key player in protecting infrastructure, technology and lives. This presentation will address how Smart Cities across North America are deploying these systems and the results.