“Intelligent Transportation Demands Intelligent Power” 
UPStealth®ZincFive’s Uninterruptible Power Supply & The Higher Performing, Safer Alternative To Lead-Acid & Lithium-Ion
Demonstrated At ITS America Detroit 2018

More than 140 Departments of Transportation Across North America are Choosing Higher Performing Nickel-Zinc UPS to Keep ITS Safe, Smart, Green & Always-ON

PORTLAND, Oregon—(May 2018)ZincFive, the award winning technology company and creator of the nickel-zinc battery-based UPStealth, will demonstrate why it’s also the fastest growing UPS in intelligent transportation, at the Intelligent Transportation Society of America’s Annual Meeting in Detroit June 4-7. First to perfect and commercialize Thomas Edison’s dream battery chemistry, ZincFive is also poised to make battery history.

“There’s a huge shift going on right now in how the world stays powered, 24/7,” says ZincFive CEO & Co-founder, Tim Hysell. “Mission critical applications finally have an option to lead-acid and lithium-ion. Nickel-zinc based solutions are less hazardous and more powerful than lead-acid, safer than lithium-ion and fully recyclable. For those reasons and more, ZincFive is on track to establish nickel-zinc as only the fifth major rechargeable battery to scale globally.”

Uninterruptible power never looked so intelligent: ZincFive's reliable, safe, powerful nickel-zinc based, UPStealth.

Uninterruptible power never looked so intelligent: ZincFive's reliable, safe, powerful nickel-zinc based, UPStealth.

The Achilles Heel of Intelligent Transportation: “We’re proud to be part of ITS Detroit’s exciting convergence of transportation, data and motive technologies,” says ZincFive VP Pete Johnson. “Meeting ITS goals of modernizing systems so they’re safe, smart and green, demands we address the Achilles heel of intelligent transportation––power. And in our increasingly connected, electrified world, utility power failure can have catastrophic results. It’s critical to include uninterruptible power in ITS planning.”

The UPStealth’s higher performance and intelligence is defined by high power density batteries and the only UPS with an oscilloscope function that continuously monitors and analyzes incoming AC power for problems. The nickel-zinc batteries are fail-safe, thermally stable and fully recyclable with low maintenance and a wide operating temperature range. Traffic experts combined intelligent system design and nickel-zinc batteries to create the UPS designed for the Always-On ITS world.

The Transition Away From Lead-Acid: Among the more than 140 departments of transportation across North America deploying nickel-zinc UPS, San Francisco is using only nickel-zinc in all new transportation projects where uninterruptible power is required, including the Van Ness Rapid Transit Project. “Eventually nickel-zinc will protect every UPS equipped intersection in San Francisco,” says SFMTA Sustainable Streets Division’s Traffic Signal Shop Manager and Traffic Signal Engineer, Eddie Tsui. “The risk of handling the heavy, lead-acid batteries was our number one concern. That’s just putting people at risk and what a nightmare the maintenance would be. We also really like the ease of maintenance, protection during outages and ability to hot-swap batteries.”

In Georgia’s Regional Traffic Operations Program, the UPStealth is protecting people and systems in a wide footprint that includes the Atlanta Airport and Mercedes Benz Stadium. “The design and function of the nickel-zinc UPS; the ability to prevent power failure due to brown outs and dirty power; how it fits into the existing cabinet without changing the base; and the ability to monitor the sine waves and condition power is what sold us,” says James Lewis, Project Manager for Brooks-Berry-Haynie & Associates.

Demonstrating #ThePowerBehindITS: At ITS Detroit, ZincFive will demonstrate the importance of uninterruptible power supplies to the infrastructure ecosystem, by triggering power failures to a traffic cabinet with and without a UPS and discuss how both results are managed. Sign up at ZincFive Booth 614 or PlanetM Booth 300. Demo at Booth 614.

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ZincFive is the world leader in innovation and delivery of nickel-zinc based energy storage and delivery solutions for mission critical applications in Data Centers, Intelligent Transportation, Motive Power and other industries. With 95 patents awarded, ZincFive leverages nickel-zinc chemistry within its solutions to provide high power density and performance simultaneous with superior safety and environmental advantages.  ZincFive is a privately held Company based in Tualatin, Oregon. zincfive.com