Z5 12-40

Size: LN0
Voltage: 12V

Capacity: 40Ah

The nickel-zinc (NiZn) LN0 40Ah Monobloc is specifically designed to serve as an auxiliary 12V power unit for electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). With up to 100 percent more available energy at only 33% of the weight, NiZn offers unique benefits over lead-acid as a completely safe, highly recyclable, low cost, environmentally friendly replacement for 12V auxiliary batteries in electric vehicles. NiZn LN0 Monobloc batteries contribute greatly towards reducing overall weight of EVs and PHEVs, which ultimately allow them to travel farther between charges under all-electric traction.

Z5 13-80

Size: LN3
Voltage: 13V

Capacity: 80Ah

The NiZn LN3 80Ah Monobloc provides over 20% greater capacity, energy and superior cold crank capability (equivalent CCA rating) when compared with AGM lead-acid LN3. With 30 percent lower weight compared to an AGM lead-acid LN3, the NiZn LN3 also contributes in reducing overall weight of passenger vehicles, thereby driving towards low CO2 emissions.


Monobloc Charging Instructions

For charging instructions on the Z5 12-40 and Z5 13-80, click the button below.