ZincFive Recognized As Frost & Sullivan “Mover And Shaker”

Interview with ZincFive CEO Tim Hysell Highlights Global Need for Mission Critical Operations to Remain “Always-On” and Nickel-Zinc as a Powerful, Safe Alternative to Lithium-Ion and Lead-Acid Batteries

PORTLAND, OR – ZincFive, developer and manufacturer of patented nickel-zinc batteries and uninterruptible power solutions, has been named a Frost & Sullivan “Mover And Shaker.” The global research firm awards this distinction to “dynamic companies and leaders developing breakthrough technologies and launching a revolutionary vision for the future of their industries.”

Frost and Sullivan’s Research Manager for Energy Storage and Critical Power Group, Vishal Sapru, interviewed ZincFive CEO and Co-founder, Tim Hysell, who has guided the creation and deployment of nickel-zinc rechargeable battery technology.

ZincFive CEO/Co-founder Tim Hysell and the patented nickel-zinc cells making battery history

ZincFive CEO/Co-founder Tim Hysell and the patented nickel-zinc cells making battery history

“ZincFive is an exciting company, breaking new ground with a global initiative serving power-dense, mission critical applications. They are delivering on industry demands for powerful battery technology that is safe for people and the planet,” says Sapru

Reliable, Safe, Powerful
ZincFive’s patented nickel-zinc battery technology offers significant advantages in critical parameters over volatile lithium-ion and traditional lead-acid batteries. Superior performance and safety characteristics combined with green battery chemistry offering a low maintenance, long operating life and all-weather service, make nickel-zinc batteries ideal for high power density applications where safety is critical.

“Frost & Sullivan’s customers appreciate their reputation for early insight on key market trends, technologies and companies. We’re honored by their selection of ZincFive to participate in their prestigious Movers and Shakers interview series,” says Hysell. “ZincFive is on track to establish nickel-zinc as the fifth major rechargeable battery to scale globally and our power solutions are gaining traction across multiple markets. Our batteries are less hazardous and more powerful than lead-acid, safer than lithium-ion and fully recyclable. That’s a huge shift in how the world stays powered, 24/7.”

The full Frost & Sullivan Movers & Shakers interview with Tim Hysell can be read here

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 About ZincFive, Inc.
ZincFive is the world leader in innovation and delivery of nickel-zinc based energy storage and delivery solutions for mission critical applications in Data Centers, Intelligent Transportation, Motive Power and other industries. With 95 patents awarded, ZincFive leverages nickel-zinc chemistry within its solutions to provide high power density and performance simultaneous with superior safety and environmental advantages.  ZincFive is a privately held Company based in Tualatin, Oregon. zincfive.com.