Nobel Prize Recognizes That Batteries Can Change Our World

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019 Awarded to Inventors of Lithium-Ion Batteries

PORTLAND, Oregon—(October 2019)— The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019 to three scientists responsible for the development of the original lithium-ion battery.  The recipients sharing the prize are M. Stanley Whittingham, John B. Goodenough and Akira Yoshino. 

 As a nickel-zinc battery developer and manufacturer, we congratulate the recipients of this year’s award.  This important recognition of how battery technology can impact our world is important to the advancement of our industry and the expanding markets for new battery technology.   

Since the initial lithium-ion battery development in the 1970’s and ‘80s, the global scientific and technical community has brought out a number of chemistry variations of the original batteries to address the needs of a variety of markets.  Mobile electronics and electric vehicles are two of the better-known applications.  In parallel with the expansion of lithium-ion chemistries, other battery chemistries, such as ZincFive’s nickel-zinc batteries, have been developed because no single battery chemistry can address the burgeoning markets clamoring for batteries that enable their success.

“Lithium-ion batteries have become only the fourth rechargeable battery chemistry to commercially scale,” said Tim Hysell, CEO and Co-founder of ZincFive. “In our increasingly electrified and always-on world, we are committed to making nickel-zinc batteries the fifth chemistry to reach commercial scale across multiple markets.”      

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