Oregon Entrepreneurs Network Names ZincFive “Startup Rock Star” And Growth Stage Company Award Finalist For Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Award

Company’s Nickel-Zinc Based Energy Storage and Delivery Systems Offer the Environmentally Safe Battery Alternative to Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion

PORTLAND, Oregon—(October 2017)Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) is recognizing Tualatin-based, ZincFive, Inc., for its disruptive energy storage and delivery solutions that feature an environmentally safe, nickel-zinc battery alternative to many lead-acid and lithium-ion applications. ZincFive is a finalist for OEN’s Growth Stage Company Award. The Company’s Thomas Edison inspired battery chemistry is recyclable, more powerful and more efficient than lead-acid, and without the fire hazards of lithium-ion.

ZincFive CEO/Co-founder Tim Hysell and the UPStealth Uninterruptible Power Supply.

ZincFive CEO/Co-founder Tim Hysell and the UPStealth Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Market Demand for Clean Battery Tech
ZincFive is addressing mission critical applications in multiple industries including, transportation, traffic and data centers.  Across the United States and Canada, transportation departments, cities and municipalities are rapidly deploying ZincFive’s uninterruptible power supply solutions to keep traffic moving safely when the utility power dies. The Company is gaining significant market traction based on its ability to offer an environmentally safe backup system without compromising performance. But that growth is just part of the reason it’s a finalist for the 2017 OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards and why OEN thinks ZincFive could become the “next household name.”  ZincFive owns more than 100 issued and pending patents surrounding its technology and chemistry. Nickel-zinc is tracking to be the fifth rechargeable battery technology to commercialize globally.

“A Unique Product Solving Compelling Market Problems”
OEN says it picks “outstanding businesses that: address compelling market problems; deliver consistent growth; have scalable business models; know their niche and clearly differentiate from their competitors; and have founders and/or teams who demonstrate tenacity, passion, and vision.”

“We’re incredibly honored to be recognized by Oregon Entrepreneurs Network,” says ZincFive CEO/Co-founder, Tim Hysell. “We all know the world runs on electricity to keep us safe and productive, but many people don’t realize that backup systems are critical when electricity fails––which it often does, sometimes with catastrophic results. Our passion is providing nickel-zinc based solutions, that keep our world running, without harm to people, technology or the environment.”

ZincFive recently won the 2017 Most Disruptive Technology Award from the Technology Association of Oregon. The winners for the OEN awards will be announced October 25, 2017 during its Awards Dinner at the Oregon Convention Center.

Key Milestones in Nickel-Zinc Battery History
More than a century ago, Thomas Edison experimented with nickel-zinc electrochemistry. He hoped to create an ideal battery—non-toxic, light weight and able to meet high energy demand needs, such as powering miners’ safety lamps. In 1901, Edison was awarded a patent for a rechargeable nickel-zinc battery system, but he was never able to bring it to commercialization. Dr. Jeff Phillips, ZincFive’s VP of Operations/Technology, eventually cracked the nickel-zinc code, resulting in ZincFive being awarded 73 patents and over 30 patents pending. Dan Sisson, ZincFive’s VP of Research/Innovation invented the operating system that optimized the nickel-zinc chemistry for use in several applications, including the UPStealth Uninterruptible Power Supply system.  “It took more than 100 years, but Thomas Edison’s dream battery technology is finally perfected and writing a new chapter in battery history,” said ZincFive’s, Tim Hysell.

About ZincFive, Inc. 
Winner of the Oregon Technology 2017 Most Disruptive Technology Award, ZincFive, Inc. is the world leader in innovation and delivery of nickel-zinc based energy storage and delivery solutions for mission critical industries. With 73 patents and 30 patents pending, ZincFive leverages nickel-zinc chemistry and optimized battery control systems to deliver innovative, environmentally safe, highly recyclable, energy efficient and scalable solutions. ZincFive is a privately held Company based in Tualatin, Oregon.

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