ZincFive Named “Innovation Award” Winner For Creating Superior Performance, Environmentally Safe Energy Storage Solutions—
Alternative To Lead-Acid & Lithium-Ion Technologies

 The Portland Business Journal Chooses ZincFive for its Patented Technology, 
“Innovation, Design, Impact, Efficiency & Revenue”

PORTLAND, Oregon—(October 2017)—The Portland Business Journal is recognizing Oregon based, ZincFive, Inc., for creating long-sought power solutions for mission critical applications where 100 percent uptime is required—intelligent transportation, data centers, automotive, telecom and more. The intelligent energy storage and delivery solutions company pioneers nickel-zinc battery based systems that offer higher performance, combined with environmental safety, including smart batteries and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). ZincFive solutions bring additional advantages to customers: higher power density, lighter weight, smaller footprint, twice the life and power of lead-acid and physically safer than both lead-acid and lithium-ion based systems.


More than 100 transportation systems across North America have deployed ZincFive UPS solutions to maintain reliable operation of their traffic signals, variable reader boards, toll booths and traffic communication centers. The Company is also focused on additional stationary storage markets including computing data centers as well as automotive applications. 


“Cutting-Edge Product”
The Portland Business Journal recognized that disruptive technology by naming ZincFive a “Small Business Innovation Award” winner, “providing cutting-edge products or services with the potential to be a market changer” and demonstrating “innovation, design, impact, efficiency and revenue.”

“We’re honored to receive the Portland Business Journal award for Innovation,” says ZincFive CEO/Co-founder, Tim Hysell. “An increasingly electrified and connected world demands a safe and powerful way to keep systems operating 24/7. There’s finally a powerful, green alternative to some of the troublesome battery chemistries we’ve seen in the news.”

Edison’s Dream Battery Chemistry Featured At World Congress 2017
ZincFive holds more than 100 patents and patents pending for nickel-zinc technology and chemistry. Nickel-zinc was Thomas Edison’s dream battery chemistry, but he was never able to bring it to commercialization. More than 100 years after Edison’s first experiments, ZincFive scientists cracked the nickel-zinc code. Later this month, that revolutionary technology will be featured at the Intelligent Transportation industry’s biggest conference, World Congress 2017.

ZincFive also won Oregon Technology Awards “2017 Most Disruptive Technology” and is a finalist for Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, “OEN Tom Holce Growth Stage Award.

“ZincFive is at an exciting tipping point,” says Hysell. “Every week we take inquiries from industries wanting to know if our energy storage and delivery solutions can be applied to their systems. The application opportunities are significant and that’s good news for people, technology and our planet.”

Media Contact: Shirley Hancock 503.781.4234 or shirley@zincfive.com

About ZincFive, Inc.
Winner of the Oregon Technology 2017 Most Disruptive Technology Award, ZincFive, Inc. is the world leader in innovation and delivery of nickel-zinc based energy storage and delivery solutions for mission critical industries like Intelligent Transportation, Data Centers, Automotive and more. With 73 patents and 30 patents pending, ZincFive leverages nickel-zinc chemistry and optimized battery control systems to deliver innovative, environmentally safe, highly recyclable, energy efficient and scalable solutions. ZincFive is a privately held Company based in Tualatin, Oregon.