A Real-Time Look At Cabinet Power

Through a network connection using standard secure Internet protocols (TCP/IP), remotely or locally connect to a UPStealth Uninterruptible Power Supply with RTi Connect™ desktop application. RTi Connect will link your computer running Windows, to view, monitor and manage UPStealth® performance parameters, such as System Status, Cabinet Load, Run-times and AC Voltage.

By using RTi Connect desktop application, users have the ability to remotely or locally connect to an individual UPStealth to:

  • View individual intersection power status in the event utility power is lost.
  • View the battery charge status and run times at a specific intersection.

  • View real-time cabinet power consumption.

  • Configure Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) communication to be notified of system status.

  • Assign a geographical location to a UPStealth unit allowing users to quickly locate and identify the current status of a specific intersection.

  • View the Event Log which allows users to diagnose system power failures.

  • View AC Waveforms to help diagnose why an intersection went off-line.

  • Set up the control of eight programmable relays.

  • View and manage user programmable menu options: Programmable Time and Battery Capacity Relay Triggers, Voltage Thresholds, High/Normal Capacity, and Power Factor.


To utilize RTi Connect you must own a UPStealth. If you're already a UPStealth user and need to download RTi Connect, fill out a request form and we will send you further instructions.

All UPStealth products can utilize RTi Connect.  Check out our UPStealth product line and see what system works best for you.