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Reset Password

Reset your password for your UPStealth Inverter/Controller. Learn how to reset.


Download UPStealth Password Reset - image.hex


How to Reset

  • Download the file onto your PC.

  • Copy the file to the root of an empty flash drive.

  • Ensure UPStealth Inverter/Controller is powered on.

  • Insert flash drive in the USB port on the UPStealth Inverter/Controller.

  • Wait two minutes for the update to complete.

  • Ensure connectivity directly to the ethernet port of the UPStealth Inverter/Controller.

  • Login to RTi Connect with the IP address and the reset password: 123456.

  • NOTE: Configurations under System Settings will be reset to factory default, these include Network configuration, Time/Date, and SNMP Settings. The Event Log and Relays will not be reset.