ZincFive Wins “Most Disruptive Technology of the Year” Award for its Patented, Environmentally Safe Nickel-Zinc Battery Alternative to Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion

The 33rd Annual Oregon Technology Awards Recognizes Next Generation Battery Inventor, ZincFive, Nike’s Tinker Hatfield and other “Innovators and Disruptors”

PORTLAND, Oregon—(May 2017)— In a state legendary for its green initiatives–including the nation’s first bottle and clean beach bills–it is a battery systems company that won the coveted “Most Disruptive Technology of the Year” award at the Oregon Technology Awards Ceremony.  ZincFive is leading a battery revolution, as the world leader in environmentally safe, nickel-zinc battery solutions for industries that need to stay operating, even when power fails: intelligent transportation and traffic systems, data centers, automotive, emergency responders and others.

“Green Battery Innovations to Change the World”

ZincFive team accepting award for Most Disruptive Technology of the Year at Oregon Technology Awards Ceremony. 

ZincFive team accepting award for Most Disruptive Technology of the Year at Oregon Technology Awards Ceremony. 

“You can tell the Oregon tech community is thriving, with winners like ZincFive,” said President of the Technology Association of Oregon, Skip Newberry.  “This award is an endorsement from some of the sharpest technological minds in the Pacific Northwest. ZincFive is no ordinary battery company and tonight the ZincFive team demonstrated that green battery innovations can help change our world.”

The Tipping Point to Clean, Next Generation Energy Storage

ZincFive Co-founder and VP of Research & Innovation, Dan Sisson told the convention audience that, “Lead-acid batteries are often shipped to Mexico, leaving a trail of toxic waste. Other battery technologies can explode and burn before our eyes, even in our pockets. Nickel-Zinc is completely recyclable, 96 percent efficient, with twice the life of lead-acid, at half the weight. It was Thomas Edison’s dream battery chemistry, which we are proud to have perfected and brought to commercialization.”

The Company has been awarded 72 patents and more than 30 patents pending around the nickel-zinc chemistry and technology.

What Makes ZincFive Disruptive?

●      Environmentally safe. 90 percent recyclable. No explosive, outgassing or hazardous contamination concerns.

●      Lower total cost of ownership. Cost and performance advantages over lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

●      High discharge capability.

●      No trickle charging.

●      Intelligent battery management system maintains a battery efficiency of 96 percent, resulting in twice the life of lead-acid.

●      Light weight and twice as powerful as lead-acid.

●      Compact size does not require floors of space (data centers) or secondary cabinets (traffic).

●      Withstands temperature extremes.

●      Thomas Edison’s dream battery chemistry.

●      ZincFive owns more than 100 issued and pending patents around the technology and chemistry.

●      Nickel-zinc is tracking to be the fifth rechargeable battery technology to commercially scale globally.


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About ZincFive, Inc. 

Winner of the “2017 Most Disruptive Technology Awards,” ZincFive, Inc. is the world leader in innovation and delivery of nickel-zinc battery solutions for mission critical industries. With 72 patents and 30 patents pending, ZincFive leverages nickel-zinc chemistry and optimized battery control systems to deliver innovative, environmentally safe, highly recyclable, energy efficient and scalable solutions. ZincFive is a privately held Company based in Wilsonville, Oregon.