UPStealth® Uninterruptible Power Supply

We now live in an Always-On ITS world and Departments of Transportation throughout U.S. and Canada have made a commitment to increasing safety with the UPStealth Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).  The UPStealth utilizes transformational nickel-zinc batteries to energize intersections, ITS cabinets and ITS data centers when utility power is lost.  

As the fastest growing UPS for ITS, UPStealth offers transportation departments the opportunity to upgrade to an easy-to-install, self-maintained solution with superior performance, environmental and safety advantages over traditional battery backup solutions.



UPStealth® Uninterruptible Power Supply is available for all traffic signal controller and ITS cabinets.


Cabinet Optimization

"The UPStealth’s flexible design is really appealing. I don’t have to buy another cabinet. It just slides into the dead space not being used and other UPStealth configurations can fit under shelves, on a door panel or on the sides of the racks. The fact the battery is green and energy efficient on top of that is just icing on the cake."

Norm Colby. Operations General Supervisor. City of Sacramento.


UPStealth® Family of Products

UPStealth Inverter/Controller Series

Active Power Supervision
• Intelligent Two-Stage operation • Modern power analysis

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Cabinet Optimization
• Cabinet Space and Thermal Optimization

Transformational Batteries
• Superior performance, safety and environmental advantages over lead-acid

Simple Installation & Self Maintaining
• Innovative form factors
• No periodic maintenance

UPStealth 170 Inverter/Controller

UPStealth 170 Inverter/Controller

UPStealth NEMA Inverter/Controller

UPStealth NEMA Inverter/Controller


UPStealth Battery Panels

Nickel-Zinc Batteries
Compared to traditional lead-acid batteries
• Superior electrical performance
• Half the size and weight
• Self-maintaining; No periodic maintenance
• Faster recharge time
• Longer storage and operational life
• No hazardous materials; No sulfation
• Extreme operating temperature range
• No trickle charging required
• Physically safe operation
• Recyclable and environmentally friendly

Compact Form Factors
• Ingenious flexible battery design inserts in dead space between rack and cabinet wall
• Shelf mount, hanging and stand mount
• Single quick connect/disconnect battery string cables

Innovative Electronics Design
• Built-in chargers and controllers
• Integrated temperature compensated charging
• Digital battery bus
• Parallel battery strings; Redundant performance


UPStealth Living-Hinge Battery Panel

UPStealth Living-Hinge Battery Panel

UPStealth NEMA Battery Panel

UPStealth NEMA Battery Panel


Most advanced and reliable

"The system is so futuristic. We believe this is one of the most advanced and reliable uninterruptible power supply products on the market today. The performance and safety characteristics of nickel-zinc batteries, coupled with a smart system design and compelling economics, make this an ideal solution for municipalities across the country."

Debi Sadar. Lead Traffic Operations Engineer. Longmont, Colorado.


RTi Connect™

Real-Time Intelligence Connect (RTi Connect™) desktop application links your computer to a UPStealth to view, monitor and manage performance parameters.

To utilize RTi Connect you must own a UPStealth. If you are already a UPStealth user and need to download RTi Connect, fill out a request form and we will send you further instructions.

Monitor and manage UPStealth® performance parameters with our RTi Connect™ desktop application.



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