UPStealth® 2 Uninterruptible Power Supply

The UPStealth 2 is the latest generation in ZincFive’s UPStealth series of nickel-zinc battery-based uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).  It delivers all the value of the original UPStealth - the fastest growing UPS for ITS – and now with more capabilities to maintain mission critical systems in the Always-On ITS world.  Key new capabilities include more compact and lightweight nickel-zinc battery designs, longer run times, extensive event logging and simplified user interface with the industry’s first Navigation Dial for UPS operation and configuration.  The user interface also supports browser-based remote system management, email messaging and remote update capabilities.


UPStealth® 2 Uninterruptible Power Supply is available for all traffic signal controller and ITS cabinets.

170 Cabinet Configuration


NEMA Cabinet Configuration


UPStealth® 2 Series of Products

UPStealth® 2 UPS 1000W & 1500W

Cabinet Optimization
• Cabinet Space and Thermal Optimization

Simple Installation & Self Maintaining
• Innovative form factors
• No periodic maintenance

Active Power Supervision
• Intelligent Two-Stage operation
• Modern power analysis

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

UPStealth® 2 Nickel-Zinc Batteries

Nickel-Zinc Batteries
Compared to traditional lead-acid batteries
• Superior electrical performance
• Half the size and weight
• Self-maintaining; No periodic maintenance
• Faster recharge time
• Longer storage and operational life
• No hazardous materials; No sulfation
• Wide operating temperature range
• No trickle charging required
• Physically safe operation
• Recyclable and environmentally friendly

Compact Form Factors
• Ingenious flexible battery design inserts in dead space between rack and cabinet wall
• Shelf mount and rack mount
• Quick connect/disconnect battery string and AC cables

Innovative Electronics Design
• Built-in chargers and controllers
• Integrated temperature compensated charging
• Digital battery bus
• Parallel battery strings; Redundant performance
• Extended Run Time Battery Solution


UPStealth® 2 Battery Panel 500W

UPStealth® 2 Battery Panel 500W

UPStealth® 2 Battery Module 500W

UPStealth® 2 Battery Module 500W

UPStealth® 2 XRT Battery 3600Wh

UPStealth® 2 XRT Battery 3600Wh


UPStealth® 2 Software

The browser-based UPStealth 2 Software can remotely manage and monitor the status of the UPStealth 2 from your central office or locally log in at your traffic cabinets.


The firmware and software for the UPStealth® 2 can be remotely updated. To receive notifications on updates, please fill out the request form and ZincFive will send you further instructions.



ZincFive is committed to serving our customers by offering the best uninterruptible power supply support in the intelligent transportation market. Access help through our support page where you can find product support information or submit a trouble ticket to our support team.


UPStealth® Series of Products