More Powerful, Longer Running Backup

The UPStealth 2 XRT Battery 3600Wh is a Nickel-zinc battery that brings high power density and extended UPS run time over a long battery life while providing superior safety, environmental and recycling advantages.  At half the weight of lead-acid batteries and offering twice the power, the UPStealth 2 XRT Battery is a low maintenance solution that provides a lower total cost of ownership than traditional lead-acid systems.  Combined with the new UPStealth 2 UPS 1500W Inverter, users can now access reliable, higher power back-up capacity for longer periods of time.

Nickel-Zinc Batteries

Superior Performance
Nickel-zinc power and energy density enables high discharge rates with rapid recharging – maximize your signalized intersection uptime while minimizing your technician “up time”!

Longer Shelf Life, No Periodic Maintenance
Your battery inventory remains fresher and requires no trickle charging or maintenance in storage with little capacity reduction.  Nickel-zinc batteries require no periodic maintenance in the field.  

Environmentally Safe
Recyclable nickel-zinc batteries are lead acid and liquid free, containing no hazardous materials.

Faster Recharge Time
Maximizes ITS uptime.

High Cycle Count, Longer Operating Life
Our IMS combined with nickel-zinc batteries has an inherently flatter degradation curve than lead-acid with NO SULFATION.  Five Year Battery Warranty.

Physically Safe
Nickel-zinc battery chemistry is inherently safer than both lead-acid and lithium-ion.  Saving lives with ITS shouldn’t create safety hazards.

Lightweight System Components
High power density nickel-zinc batteries are half the weight and a significantly smaller footprint than traditional lead-acid batteries.  Easy on your cabinets… and your back!