UPStealth Features

Fast Installation

Less than 1 hour

Extended Warranty

ZincFive takes care of its customers

Lower Cost of Ownership

No maintenance, long life

Maintenance Free

Monitor/charger boards constantly check status of battery cells to maintain battery operation

No Trickle Charging

Internal battery chargers shut off when battery is fully charged

Wall Charging

The UPStealth® can be charged from a wall outlet without an Inverter/Controller

Unique Bendable Form Factor

A flex-bearing plastic that allows the Battery Panels to bend and fit between the primary traffic cabinet wall and rack

Hot Swappable

Battery Panels can be added or removed in minutes, without powering off the system

Easy to use Graphical User Interface

Real-Time Intelligence Connect (RTi Connect™) desktop application provides remote or direct connection to a single UPStealth®

Intelligent Two-Stage Inverter/Controller

Standby power with distributed intelligence

Advanced Relay Outputs

User configurable relays to control a variety of functions

Highly Efficient

NiZn is 96% efficient, generating little to no heat