UPStealth NEMA Inverter/Controller is an intelligent UPS component providing key functions including, Active Power Supervision of incoming utility AC line power; a Digital Battery Management System; Inverter and System Control functions. The UPStealth NEMA Inverter/Controller is designed for installation in NEMA style cabinets with all connections located on the front panel for easy access.  The unit has 4 battery ports for connecting either UPStealth Living-Hinge or NEMA Battery Panels and upon detection of incoming utility AC line problems, can switch to battery back up mode in <8ms.  From a desktop application, UPStealth Real-Time Intelligence Connect (RTi Connect™) will link your Windows computer to view, monitor and manage UPStealth performance parameters.



Intelligent Two-Stage Operation

Stage 1

This stage includes Line Conditioner, Waveform Monitoring and Switchover to battery backup functions.  The line conditioner function removes surges/noise/spikes and attenuates harmonics of incoming utility power.  Oscilloscope functionality continuously measures the incoming AC waveform and monitors for voltage, waveform anomalies and frequency deviations outside of user programmed thresholds.  When any of these thresholds are exceeded, transfer time to battery backup is a rapid <8ms.  The triggering event waveform is captured with 1 sine cycle pre-event and 2 sine cycles post event, along with a day/date time stamp in the event log.

Stage 2

This stage includes Waveform Monitoring and Return to AC Power functions.  Continued vigilance by the oscilloscope function in Stage 1 monitors the incoming utility AC line for recovery within the user-defined thresholds.  The voltage, waveform anomalies and frequency must all be within their threshold limits for 3 minutes prior to returning to utility AC power.  If any one of the three parameters exceeds their thresholds within the 3 minute window, then the time window restarts once all parameters are again within their proper ranges.



Active power Supervision
Oscilloscope Function