ZincFive, Inc. — Formerly EnSite Power, Inc. — Acquires PowerGenix to Globally Deliver Energy Efficient Nickel-Zinc Battery Systems and Technology

ZincFive’s Solutions are Provided in the Intelligent Transportation Market and Launching Soon for Data Centers and Other Industries

WILSONVILLE, Ore. — ZincFive, Inc. (formerly EnSite Power, Inc.) announced today that it acquired PowerGenix System, Inc. which commercialized the nickel-zinc battery; EnSite Power pioneered the battery management system and applications that use nickel-zinc, specifically the UPStealth® uninterruptible power supply (UPS)—the first nickel-zinc battery backup system. The two companies have been working together for years, and now the relationship culminates in a combined company, with the potential to deliver greater value to both customers and shareholders.

ZincFive’s Tod Higinbotham & Tim Hysell with the patented nickel-zinc cells and UPStealth Battery Backup System

ZincFive’s Tod Higinbotham & Tim Hysell with the patented nickel-zinc cells and UPStealth Battery Backup System

By leveraging nickel-zinc chemistry and optimizing the battery control systems, ZincFive delivers innovative solutions that are safe, highly recyclable, energy efficient and scalable—marking a shift in how mission critical applications, such as intelligent transportation and data centers operate when utility power is interrupted. ZincFive’s battery solutions are expected to be delivered on a global scale—protecting data and technology and offering potentially significant improvements in efficiency.

Markets Addressed with Nickel-Zinc Batteries

ZincFive manufactures a high power density battery backup system—for traffic/intelligent transportation systems—protecting critical infrastructure in more than 80 transportation agencies and 700 installations across North America (including traffic signals, variable message signs and light rail crossings).

Nickel-zinc delivers improved energy efficiency and reduced capital and ongoing operating costs for data centers, a market that ZincFive is currently addressing. Approximately 25 percent of a data center is dedicated to the space required for a traditional lead-acid battery backup. ZincFive’s solution greatly reduces this footprint requirement.

In other markets, ZincFive is undergoing qualification with several automobile manufacturers to address applications for stop-start vehicles. These vehicles put tremendous demands on the battery due to the high number of engine starts. Nickel-zinc is lighter, has a much longer life and delivers greater energy density than traditional lead-acid batteries

Only the Fifth Rechargeable Battery Chemistry in History to Reach Commercial Scale

The other four battery chemistries brought to global scale are lead-acid, lithium-ion, nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium.

ZincFive has two strategic partnership arrangements: a licensing agreement with a global battery giant and a development deal with a major conglomerate headquartered in Japan.

“We believe that these partnerships validate that there’s finally a scalable, superior alternative for customers who have had to rely on legacy energy storage solutions and that we can now produce this technology in large commercial quantities,” says ZincFive CEO/Co-founder, Tim Hysell. “ZincFive and nickel-zinc technology mark a new chapter in battery history and innovative solutions for today’s growing power demands.”

Utah DOT's World Class Traffic Signals Program uses ZincFive's UPStealth Battery Backup System, which fits inside existing traffic cabinets

Utah DOT's World Class Traffic Signals Program uses ZincFive's UPStealth Battery Backup System, which fits inside existing traffic cabinets

Nickel-Zinc Battery in Today’s Connected World

More than a century ago, Thomas Edison experimented with nickel-zinc electrochemistry. He hoped to create an ideal battery—non-toxic, light weight and able to meet high energy demand needs, such as powering miners’ safety lamps. In 1901, Edison was awarded a patent for a rechargeable nickel-zinc battery system, but he was never able to bring it to commercialization. Dr. Jeff Phillips, ZincFive’s VP of Operations/Technology, eventually cracked the nickel-zinc code, matured the technology and had 62 patents awarded to the company in the process. Dan Sisson, ZincFive’s VP of Research/Innovation, invented the operating system that optimized the nickel-zinc chemistry for use in several applications, including the UPStealth Battery Backup System. Together, as ZincFive, the two companies create and deliver highly efficient nickel-zinc solutions for many diverse applications.

“ZincFive addresses a growing need in the battery market between lead-acid and lithium-ion capabilities,” says Tod Higinbotham, ZincFive’s President. “New applications in our ever-evolving electrified and connected world are requiring much higher powered solutions, with increased cycling, lighter weight and significant safety and environmental improvements. Although it took a while for Edison’s idea to make it, the timing could not be better.”

Why Nickel-Zinc is a Game Changer:

●      Inherently safe, non-flammable and non-explosive.

●      Intelligent battery management system delivers greater energy efficiency and effectiveness.

●      Lower total cost of ownership. Cost, performance and safety advantages over lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

●      Light weight and twice as powerful as lead-acid.

●      High charge and discharge capability.

●      No trickle charging.

●      Withstands temperature extremes.

●      Highly recyclable.

About ZincFive, Inc.

ZincFive, Inc. is a privately-held company based in Wilsonville, OR focused on leveraging nickel-zinc chemistry and optimizing the battery control systems to deliver innovative solutions for mission critical applications that are safe, highly recyclable, energy efficient and scalable. For additional information, visit the company website at zincfive.com.

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