ZincFive Announces More Powerful, Longer Running Uninterruptible Power Supply For Intelligent Transportation Systems

Smart cities now have the safer, smarter and greener choice in uninterruptible power with the UPStealth 2 for their power hungry, mission critical intelligent transportation systems

PORTLAND, Oregon—(July 2019)—The fastest growing uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) just got more powerful.  ZincFive is announcing two new products in the UPStealth 2 series of intelligent uninterruptible power supplies: UPStealth 2 UPS 1500W, a high power 1500 Watt inverter, and UPStealth 2 XRT Battery an extended run time battery solution.  

 The combination of these products provides the increased power and longer battery life required to back up mission critical intelligent transportation systems being deployed with evolving higher power requirements.  ZincFive’s green nickel-zinc battery technology provides twice the power with half the footprint of lead-acid batteries traditionally used.  Notably, nickel-zinc batteries maintain their run time throughout their long life while providing superior safety, environmental and recycling advantages over lead-acid batteries.

Departments of transportation prioritize safety for the traveling public and that is why over 150 of them use the UPStealth with nickel-zinc battery technology to avoid the premature failures seen with lead-acid batteries backing up their infrastructure. The need for higher power and longer back-up time is exemplified in large signalized intersections, critical safety corridors as well as railroad crossings and the growing implementation of advanced communications for vehicles. The UPStealth 2 UPS 1500W with the UPStealth 2 XRT Battery is a low maintenance, long life solution with a lower total cost of ownership than competing lead-acid systems.


The latest additions to the UPStealth series create a high power, long run time uninterruptible power solution.

“Smart cities are evolving their intelligent transportation systems to support connected vehicles and this is driving increased power demand,” says ZincFive CEO and Co-founder, Tim Hysell. “Our new high power UPS with long run time batteries ensures that these mission critical systems remain operational through the longest power outages.”

The new UPStealth 2 UPS 1500W is the latest addition to the UPStealth series of products and features all the capabilities of the UPStealth 2 UPS 1000W along with 500 Watts of additional power capacity.  Combined with the new UPStealth 2 XRT nickel-zinc battery solution, customers can now access reliable, higher power back-up capacity for longer periods of time.  The UPStealth 2 series features ZincFive’s patented nickel-zinc batteries that offer a safer, greener, more powerful solution over unpredictable and volatile lead-acid battery systems.

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ZincFive is the world leader in innovation and delivery of nickel-zinc battery-based uninterruptible power supplies for mission critical applications in Data Centers and Intelligent Transportation and offer batteries for stationary, motive and start-stop applications. With 97 patents awarded, ZincFive leverages nickel-zinc chemistry within its solutions to provide high power density and performance simultaneous with superior safety and environmental advantages. ZincFive is a privately held Company based in Tualatin, Oregon. zincfive.com.