ZincFive, “Most Disruptive Technology Award Winner,” Brings Intelligent Uninterruptible Power Supply to World Congress 2017: Higher Performance, Self-Maintaining, Environmentally Safe Design For Intelligent Transportation  

Designed by Traffic Experts, ZincFive’s Nickel-Zinc Energy Storage and Delivery Solutions are the Superior Performance and Green Alternative to Lead-Acid

MONTREAL, Canada—(October 2017)— ZincFive, Inc., an intelligent energy storage and delivery solutions company, brings its patented, multi-award winning uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to Intelligent Transportation’s most important conference, World Congress 2017, Oct. 29-Nov. 2. More than 100 Departments of Transportation across Canada and the United States have deployed ZincFive’s intelligent UPS solutions. ZincFive is meeting a critical need: keeping integrated transportation systems connected and moving, even during power outages and with a higher power density, longer life, self-maintaining and environmentally safe system, compared with traditional lead-acid batteries.

The ZincFive UPStealth Uninterruptible Power Supply

The ZincFive UPStealth Uninterruptible Power Supply

Revolutionary Time in Mobility Demands Redefinition of Uninterruptible Power Supply
“This is a pivotal moment for transportation,” says ZincFive CEO/Cofounder, Tim Hysell. “Innovations making mobility safer, more accessible and efficient are out of the lab and in the real world. But lives depend on all that technology staying powered, 24/7. Our nickel-zinc UPS solutions are keeping systems operating––protecting people, technology and the planet.”

Oregon DOT's deployment of UPStealth, now protecting the once dangerous Biggs Junction Interchange.

Oregon DOT's deployment of UPStealth, now protecting the once dangerous Biggs Junction Interchange.

Edison’s Dream Battery Chemistry & Only UPS Designed by Traffic Experts
ZincFive holds more than 100 patents and patents pending for nickel-zinc technology and chemistry. Nickel-zinc was Thomas Edison’s dream battery chemistry, but at the time he didn’t have the technology to perfect or commercialize the battery. ZincFive scientists cracked the nickel-zinc code. The UPS systems are designed by traffic experts who demand a higher power density, superior performance, safety and environmental advantages over lead-acid. The UPStealth® energizes signalized intersections, toll booths, highway reader boards, traffic data centers and other ITS needs when utility power is lost.

Transportation Systems Testing & Deploying ZincFive
San Francisco; Utah; Oregon; Hanford, California; Cedar Park, Texas; Loveland, Colorado; Niagara; and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario are among the more than 100 US and Canadian DOT organizations and Smart Cities who have or are deploying the ZincFive UPStealth. Some of the biggest transportation systems in the world are evaluating ZincFive’s solutions. The high performance, self-maintaining design delivers exceptional savings on installation and maintenance, while providing a reliable system that lasts twice that of a lead-acid equivalent. Traffic engineers also appreciate the built-in diagnostic tools and remote monitoring capabilities, in an easy to use and efficient system.

  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE – Intelligent two-stage system with line conditioning/filtering, 6ms switching time, 96% efficient with a low heat rise.
  • NICKEL-ZINC BATTERIES – Higher discharge rates than lead-acid, lightweight, twice the life and power of lead-acid, environmentally safe, recyclable, withstands extreme temperatures.
  • SELF-MAINTAINING SOLUTION – Intelligent battery management system, manages charge/discharge functions and battery cell health.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Compact batteries, no secondary cabinets, single cable battery connection, no temperature sensors required.

ZincFive: Award Winning “Innovator and Disruptor”
ZincFive is racking up awards for innovation: Technology Association of Oregon, Oregon Tech Awards 2017 Most Disruptive Technology Winner; Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, OEN Tom Holce Growth Stage finalist; Portland Business Journal, Small Business & Innovation Award Winner for “cutting-edge products with potential to be a market changer.” 

Find ZincFive’s team at Booth #825, ITS World Congress 2017
Media Contact: Shirley Hancock 503.781.4234 or shirley@zincfive.com
Sales Contact: info@zincfive.com or 503.399.3517

About ZincFive, Inc. 
Winner of the Oregon Technology 2017 Most Disruptive Technology Award, ZincFive, Inc. is the world leader in innovation and delivery of nickel-zinc based energy storage and delivery solutions for mission critical industries like Intelligent Transportation, Data Centers, Automotive and more. With 73 patents and 30 patents pending, ZincFive leverages nickel-zinc chemistry and optimized battery control systems to deliver innovative, environmentally safe, highly recyclable, energy efficient and scalable solutions. ZincFive is a privately held Company based in Tualatin, Oregon. zincfive.com