ZincFive’s UPStealth 2 Attains California Department Of Transportation Approval For Green Technology Battery Backup System

Caltrans leads the country in defining a green technology standard for
battery backup systems

PORTLAND, Oregon—(September 2019)—Staying true to their mission of providing “a safe, sustainable, integrated and efficient transportation system to enhance California's economy and livability”, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has defined a Green Technology Battery Backup System (GT-BBS) standard and the ZincFive UPStealth 2 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is the first product approved by Caltrans under that standard. 

Caltrans, a national transportation leader, has set the bar for bringing green technology to their transportation system.  The Caltrans GT-BBS standard defines only nickel-zinc battery-based backup systems in order to provide a green alternative to traditional lead-acid battery backup systems.   

Lead-acid batteries were evaluated by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) as a “Potential Priority Product” in their 2015-2017 Priority Products Work Plan.  DTSC defines a Priority Product as a “consumer product identified by DTSC that contains one or more chemicals – known as Candidate Chemicals – that have a hazard trait that can harm people or the environment”. The Candidate Chemicals lead, arsenic, and sulfuric acid are found in lead-acid batteries, hence the DTSC’s evaluation effort.  If a product-chemical combination is listed as a priority product, DTSC can propose regulation under the Safer Consumer Products (SCP) regulations.  Lead-acid batteries remain a candidate again in DTSC’s Proposed 2018-20 Work Plan Categories.

ZincFive’s UPStealth 2 products placed on the Caltrans GT-BBS Qualified Product List

ZincFive’s UPStealth 2 products placed on the Caltrans GT-BBS Qualified Product List

“With the development of the Green Technology Battery Backup System standard and rapid product approval, Caltrans has demonstrated their commitment to environmental responsibility as well as the safety of the traveling public they serve,” says ZincFive CEO and Co-founder, Tim Hysell. “We look forward to deploying clean, safe and reliable nickel-zinc battery-based solutions throughout California.”

The UPStealth offers a safer, smarter and greener alternative to traditional lead-acid battery-based UPS solutions.  ZincFive’s patented nickel-zinc batteries offer longer life, small form factors, safer operation and environmental advantages over lead-acid battery technology.  In addition to taking full advantage of the properties of nickel-zinc batteries the UPStealth offers performance features not seen before in this class of UPS.  Groundbreaking features of the UPStealth include active power supervision through an oscilloscope function, accomplished by constantly monitoring and capturing the incoming utility AC power as well as the ability to hot-swap batteries during a power outage to increase intersection uptime.

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